Warning: may cause strong desire to travel

My name is Kate, and I am a travel addict. I quit my job in December 2013 to follow my dreams and travel the world. I had been planning this trip ever since I returned from studying abroad in Israel during my 3rd year in college. Finally it was time to make the dream a reality, and  I left the US to take the road less traveled.

My travels in 2014 took me through most of Europe and overland from southern to eastern Africa. After a brief respite in Boston I trekked through Asia for 6 months in 2015. Now I’m living in Boston and if you think that means I don’t travel well, you’d be wrong. I still have incurable itchy feet so the adventures continue.

It has been a wild ride, full of new experiences, adventures and surprises. It hasn’t been easy, but the best adventures never are. Whether you also suffer from wanderlust or enjoy hearing stories of far-off lands, strange foods, confusing cultures and getting lost, welcome to my blog.


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