Surfin’ Puerto Escondido

November 2017

My, how the year goes by! It was November and I was headed back to Mexico, this time to celebrate my friend Helí’s birthday. She invited two other friends along and we all met up in Puerto Escondido for surf, sun, and sand.

Our routine started with an early surf lesson, followed by a short nap, some lunch, a relaxed evening, and going to bed early to repeat.

Things I learned surfing:

  1. Walking barefoot looks cool until you step on a sea urchin.
  2. Don’t sit in a hammock and expect to stay awake.
  3. Keep a tissue nearby after you surf. Your nose may stream water without warning hours later.
  4. Don’t get caught in the washing machine, when a wave crashes on you.
  5. Wear sunscreen with zinc. It won’t come off, but it also won’t come off.

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