The Best Mojito in Cuba

March 2017

Another country crossed-off the bucket list. Adventures galore with friends, new and old.

La Habana Vieja (Old Havana)

The Malecón, where Havana meets the water
Rubbing the statue’s beard is good luck
We drove this old car from Havana to Trinidad. It was so old that the driver left it running while we stopped for food, I think he was worried it might not start again.
Helí, Hannah, and Oliver. I knew Hannah from high school and we ran into each other at the Airbnb in Havana, after not seeing each other for 10 years. Small world!


Colorful streets of Trinidad
Playa Ancon, near Trinidad
Beach day

Playa Giron

I went for a snorkel while Helí scuba dived
Then Helí drove a horse cart because it was cheaper and less comfortable than a taxi


Throughout Cuba, I searched for the best mojito. This one was at La Casa Del Mojito, and it was a solid contender for “Best Mojito”, but ultimately lost the contest.
Karsts in Viñales
Banana tree
Cigar rolling 101
Trying out the local products
Our last day in Cuba we went on a horseback ride. My horse’s name was Mojito, and I finally found the Best Mojito in Cuba.

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