November 2016

I had just gotten back from a mad dash through Europe before starting my new job at the Broad Institute, and already I had another trip planned. After 3 weeks at my new job I took off for 10 days to celebrate my friend Laura’s birthday in Mexico. I had planned the trip before I joined the Broad and they didn’t mind letting me take vacation I hadn’t accrued yet.

I arrived in Mexico before Laura, Linda, and Nathan so my friend Dani graciously met me at the airport. I hadn’t seen Dani since we met while studying abroad in Israel, six years before, and it was wonderful to see her again.

The rest of the crew arrived later that day and we explored Mexico City for a few days, eating a generous amount of tacos to fuel our exploring.

Next we headed to Puebla for more sightseeing and church-gawking. So many churches. Along the way I learned something new: Mexican hot chocolate is not chili-spicy. Americans (shockingly) got it wrong with their Mexican-inspired hot cocoa. Real Mexican hot chocolate is flavored with cinnamon, not hot spices like chili.

I had more time in Mexico than the rest of the group so after Puebla I continued down to Oaxaca City while the rest of the group returned to Mexico City for their return flights.

In Oaxaca I met up with two Couchsurfers and we explored outside of city, swimming in Hierve el Agua (a petrified waterfall) and visiting the Monte Álban ruins.

Back in Mexico City, I met up with another old friend, Federica. We first met surfing in South Africa two years before and conveniently we crossed paths when she and her boyfriend were visiting the pyramids near Mexico City.

Why the short post? It’s finally time that I caught up on old travels so I can write about present-day adventures! To speed things up, the next chunk of posts are going to be shorter and more photo-filled. Then I can finally write about where I currently am, rather than where I was 3 years ago.

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