Rearrange the furniture and get a haircut

February 2016

Whenever I’m going through a rut, I rearrange my furniture. It’s not always a conscious decision. Sometimes I know that I need to make changes but other times I only realize how I’m feeling and what my mental state is after I’ve moved my bed twice and the massive dresser four times. It’s a quarterly process, you can practically set your seasons by it.

Moving furniture reminds me that things are mobile, and what I think is fixed in place is not actually set in stone. I can paint the walls, change the curtains. When I’m in a rut, I feel like the walls can only be off-white. The bedposts are cemented into the floor. The curtains will forever be ratty and blue.

But I know better, it just takes some time to remember it. When I move a few pieces of furniture, I remind myself that I can make changes. I can try new things, adjust my routines, experiment with new habits, learn something new. I don’t have to be stuck in this rut. I can reach my goals, I just need to start small. Something that makes me feel fresh and new. Moving the furniture around my room. Getting a haircut. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a new me with a new hair-do. The old me was having trouble getting motivated and was feeling stuck. The new me is going to try something new today, and anything is possible. 

It is the physical manifestation of what I need to do in my mind. I always feel better after moving things around, shaking things up.

We make routines out of our lives. What your commute is, what you buy at the store, where you go on a Saturday afternoon. But if you change the furniture you are breaking the routine. Get a haircut, and you look at yourself differently.

We’d broken up, the relationship I was so excited about when I first moved to Boston. It had been a dismal six months, to summarize. I won’t bore you (or me) with the details. But I was over it, and I was moving on. It was time to start traveling again, after 8 long months of being stateside.

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