Oh the places I might go

How to use the map:
– To view all of the points on the trip, go to the left window over the map and click on the three check boxes (the layers are labeled Western, Eastern, and Scandinavia). You may need to scroll down within the window to view all of the layers.
– You can click and drag the map with your mouse to reposition it and you can zoom. Also, if you click the small box in the upper righthand corner you can view the map in the full screen.

I’m still formulating my path and it is subject to change based on the weather, public transit connections and which direction the wind blows me on a given day, but this is a vague outline of my proposed route from March 4th until about June or July. I’m sure I’ll make many stops along the way but these are the main ones I’m planning to explore.

If you have recommendations of places that aren’t marked that are close to my route, let me know so I can make a point of visiting!

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14 thoughts on “Oh the places I might go

  • simidchieva  Good to know, I will look into visiting Sofia as well 🙂 I will let you know if I make it to Bulgaria so you can tell me all the best places to go.

  • gblakev  I do, it’s great advice!

  • NicolasCoffman  I’m going on Monday!

  • NicolasCoffman

    One word.  Gulfoss  😉

  • gblakev

    You do realize that this is your globe trotting (and envious) uncle giving you this advice.

  • simidchieva

    I’ve been to a few of these (all the Western Europe ones not in Spain or Iceland) and can dig up cool places to go as well as connect you with friends who live there. I wish I’d be in Bulgaria in the next couple of months so I can take you a few places. I think you’d enjoy Sofia on your own too but it’s not the same thing. Vienna and Salzburg are both beautiful and there are really nice little hikes around Salzburg with amazing view of the town and the area!

  • gblakev  You’re right, Ukraine and Russia may not be an option this time around unfortunately. I’m thinking of visiting Istanbul around June so good to know it’ll be hot and humid. I’ll remind you about your recommendation of where to stay when I get there!

  • thidamony

    Philmod katewanders  Can’t wait to hear more stories!

  • gblakev

    I would reconsider traveling in Ukraine and Russia right now. Also, if you do go to Italy, you may want to meet Devora’s niece who lives in Florence (when she isn’t somewhere else singing in an opera). If you decide to go to Istanbul I can recommend a place to stay (when I can remember it). Don’t wait too long to go to Istanbul or Greece because it gets hot and humid in June and after.

  • Philmod

    katewanders  My 2 cents: you shouldn’t miss Italy. It’s my favourite in Europe: history, food, …
    And if you have time to pass by Belgium, don’t miss Bruges.

  • Philmod

    katewanders I’m crying.

  • Philmod I’ve been briefly to Brussels and Leuven, where else should I go? I didn’t mean to insult by skipping over!

  • Philmod

    What about Belgium!??

  • phoenixfire0215

    I know this tool… I feel like I just mentioned it the other day <3

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