Costa Rica

At the end of the rainbow

There’s no pot of gold, elves, leprechauns or even chocolate at the end of the rainbow, but there is Monteverde!


We (my parents and I) arrived yesterday afternoon to San Jose and got a shuttle up to the forest. En route to dinner we befriended a sloth who was just hanging out (picture to come). Full of ceviche and smoothies we crashed early, we’d woken at 3:30am Boston time for our flight and everything was looking like a bed.

We rolled out early for the cloud forests and one school bus ride later we were hiking into the mist. It was lush and green, humid and leafy.


The only downside is that my monkey + jaguar counter is still at 0, apparently they only see monkeys about once a week in Monteverde. But they are both commonly found in Corcovado National Park, which is our destination next week so that should change.

We’re heading into the forest again for a night hike in a half hour, an adventure in itself. After an afternoon of rainbows, I can safely say Monteverde is pretty darn awesome.

Pura vida!

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