An Ode to San Francisco

Sunset at Muir

Time to kick off this blogging journey! Even though my actual geographic journey hasn’t begun, mentally I have started to travel so it’s time to start the goodbyes.

My first farewell is to San Francisco and the Bay Area, my partners in crime. From foggy days when I thought the Earth forgot to rotate to the unexpected sights in Presidio, smells in Dolores, and sounds in Golden Gate Park. Moving here was a dream and I have built a wonderful life here: friends have become family, new experiences shaped who I am, and adventures around every corner.

But like all good partnerships, this Batman must leave her Robin to seek new superheros to partner with. But it’s not forever goodbye, rather a “see you soon” because I know we’ll meet again. 

So I’ve begun unsubscribing to local newsletters and I fill my days researching visas for countries whose names I’m not sure how to pronounce (Myanmar: mi-n-mar or mmyan-mar?), as I prepare to say adiós, au revoir, caio, auf wiedersehen, 再见, poroporoaki, zbogom, さようなら, and seeyoulateralligator.

Next stop: Boston, January 14th.

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