TBT: Hugging the Amalfi Coast

Originally posted February 3, 2010

We are here and happy to report that all is well! Now that is cleared up, I can give a short report about our recent adventures. I say “we” as I was met by mom at the bus station in Rome, on an unfortunately rainy day but we still made the most of it, running between the Colleseum, the Forum and later the fountain of Trevi, taking many great photos.

The next morning we were off to the coast! We took a nice train ride down to Salerno, and managed to stay only slightly alarmed when the train started back towards Rome when we were only in Naples (it ended up being just fine, but very confusing!). We explored around Amalfi town, where we are currently staying, and had a lovely evening of freshly made paninis and Italian tv.

Yesterday we made our great trip to Paestum! It was a beautiful sunny day to explore the Greek temples and Roman ruins. Again, you all will be later bombarded by numerous pictures from both cameras. We caught another scenic cliff-hanging busride back to Amalfi and had a pizza-full dinner, the way its supposed to be (with buffalo mozzerela).

Today was hiking day, so we started in Ravello and hiked down many many a staircase until Moms legs turned to rubber, and finally made it to Atrani. We explored a bit, and retreated to Amalfi for some paper mill ruins, coffee and tea.

There are lots of explosions happening right now, we think it is fireworks or invaders, possibly the Turks. Well go see and report back later!

Lots of love, and we wish you all were here!
-Kate and Debby too

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