TBT: Winter Wonderland in Amsterdam

Originally posted January 11, 2010

It has been a whrilwind of a few days! I don’t have time to properly update, but here are the highlights. I made it safe and sound to Prague on Friday and we met up with Niall, who flew in to meet us. Saturday I did the Prague free tour and really enjoyed it, despite the cold and crazy amount of snow. I met up with my good friend Lenka (from Haifa who lives in Prague) but all too soon we were on our way.

We took an overnight train from Prague to Amsterdam and arrived in the morning; it wasn’t too bad, I actually got some sleep. We did the free tour around Amsterdam and really really enjoyed it. It’s actually snowing in Amsterdam too, which apparently is unusual, so we had fun watching people slide either volutarily or by accident as they walked. There are still tons of bikers though, which really surprised me. I could definitely see myself living here, it is wonderful!

More about the history and culture and people later, don’t worry. Today I think I am taking a bus to Brussels. Sudden and crazy, I know. Niall and Sarah want to go on to London but I realized I’d be back tracking if I went to Brussels after London and before Paris. I haven’t booked yet, and I don’t really like traveling so haphazardly, but hopefully it will work out well. Sorry if this is choppy, the computer I am on has a metallic keyboard. So cool, but different than I am used to. All is well, I love Europe, the pancakes are awesome and the people are very nice and so interesting!


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