TBT: London At Last

Originally posted January 15, 2010

Well I’m here! I got in last night and have been hanging out with my friend Will for the last 24 hours. We interned together this summer in Peru, so we’ve had fun catching up on what’s been going on for the last 6 months. He’s studying abroad here for the year, so he’s a good tour guide.

Let’s see, I left Amsterdam on Wednesday for Belgium. It wasn’t too long of a bus ride and soon I was in snowy, dreary Brussels. The amazing chocolate and delicious waffles made up for it, and I had a fun time wandering around the city for a few hours. I stopped into a pub and read for a while, planning out what I wanted to do in England and where. I stayed the night with a friend of my roommates’ sister, and was off again in the morning for London!

I took a bus to the Chunnel and had an uneventful time going through French security, adding more stamps to my passport. Then a half hour ride through the tunnel later and we were in England! It was strange, they actually drove the bus into a train compartment, so all I saw of us rushing through the tunnel was…nothing. The bus rocked slightly back and forth and my ears popped (we went 1000 ft below sea level) and then we were done! I met up with my friend Will and we had a fun night of burritos and watching Glee (which we’re going to do more of shortly).

This morning I went on a free tour around the major tourist attractions and though it was chilly, it was still enjoyable. I learned about the crazy stories of people who have broken in to Buckingham Palace, Guy Fawkes’ demise, and that the bell in the tower is actually called Big Ben, not the clock tower itself. We went to the British Museum this evening and are planning on going to the Borough Market tomorrow, which should be fun and delicious!

Then I’m off to Brighton! I have a good friend from MHC studying there, so I’m going to stay with her for a night or two, and then to Edinburgh to visit my friend Ben from Wildwood for a night or two, and then to Paris! I’ll be in Paris for at least 4 days, probably more like 5 or 6, so I’m sort of rushing to get there. I can’t wait!


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