TBT: How to Wear a Hat: European Style

Originally posted January 7, 2010

I watched the hats go bouncing by, almost as soon as I arrived in Germany. All shapes and sizes, colors and textures. One thing they had in common, which took me a few days to spot but finally I put my finger on it: they all looked like they were about to fall off! How they stayed on, through the wind and the snow, was a complete mystery. So I had to give it a try. I bought one of these hats, a cheaper kind, and sure enough, most of the time they do stay on your head. It’s not as warm as wearing them the New England way (pulled tightly over your ears and forehead in hopes of conserving as much heat as possible), but not bad either.

So to update, I’m currently in Munich and I apologize for the spelling errors, there is no automatic spell check and the ‘y’ and ‘z’ are switched. It makes typing a bit difficult, but not impossible. Monday I walked a lot around Berlin and it was really cool. I saw a lot of graffiti on the buildings, and then walked to the East Side Gallery (basically official graffiti). I really enjoyed it, but froze my cheeks off a bit.

Tuesday we drove to Munich, and we’re now staying with Anna’s friend in the center. It’s a lovely city, and yesterday Sarah and I enjoyed exploring all around (though many stores were closed due to the holiday). Today we went to Dachau which was tough, but an interesting experience. It was one of the first concentration camps and lasted through the entire war. It was cold in the morning but actually warmer than the other days had been, so really not too bad.

Tomorrow we’re off to Prague for a night, meeting up with Lenka and adding Niall to our traveling group, and then to Amsterdam the following day!

Sorry it was so short, gotta run for grilled cheese making time!
All is great and not too snowy,

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