TBT: I’m Staying!

Originally posted November 9, 2009

It’s official, as of this morning, I am staying in Haifa for a 2nd semester! I’m quite excited, though a bit scared too. I’ve been thinking about the decision all weekend and it was kind of driving me insane, so I talked it out with a friend from home this morning and finally it hit me: I do want to stay and study abroad some more. It’s too early to come home already; I’d have to leave in only 2 months, meaning my stay would be half over! There’s still so much to learn and see and explore, and I’m pumped!

In other news, classes have been going well and I think I’m figuring out my major bit by bit. I’m really enjoying my Peace and Conflict seminar, where we’re talking all about the mind games that states like to play with each other. It’s really interesting and I think that it may end up being a large part of my major. Something like the Psychology of International Relations and Nations in Conflict, but a bit more concise. It’s a work in progress, but I have a strong feeling that more time in the classes that I’m taking will help me refine it further.

I’ve been taking it easy, generally, going to class, doing homework, going to salsa (which is going really well!), and lots of grocery shopping in town. I’ve tried a few more combinations of different foods and have usually been successful. I had a friend from home visit this week and it was great to have a familiar face around for a few days. The weather finally quit down-pouring all the time and has been quite pleasant, mid 70s to mid 80s. I befriended some of my neighbors and am planning a roommate dinner for tomorrow night, so hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be friends with all of the people that I’ll be living with in the next 7 months or so.

I’ve got to run, lots of plans that I now need to revise, but at least I’m a definite and no more of this ‘maybe this’ and ‘maybe that’. I’m also trying to do Nanwrimo again (National Novel Writing Month, see if you’re interested) and I have nother 6,000 words to write today to catch up! If you’re interested in reading some, let me know and maybe you’ll get to read a really ridiculous rough draft of an incomplete novel that I’m attempting to write.

Oh! And I did well on my Hebrew test that I had on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll get into the level I want to be in (the faster-moving Hebrew 1 class) and start learning a lot. I need to practice more, but so far so good. I’ll probably start to practice on anyone who will let me, like my roommates and neighbors.


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