TBT: Happy Yom Kippur!

Originally posted September 27, 2009

WaterfallOr maybe you’re supposed to say “have a very hungry Yom Kippur”.

The only way to stay coolI decided to do a quick update as I won’t be updating for another 2 weeks, so I thought I’d bring the blog up to speed before heading off on more adventures.

StuckTuesday was a fun field trip, we went back to the Golan area and hiked some. We saw Yodfat, not the most exciting ruins, but at least they didn’t have a sound and light show (it’s become an inside joke for the Study Tour). After hiking some, we hiked down to a waterfall and swam. The water was quite cold, but after 5 minutes you couldn’t feel your limbs so it didn’t hurt at all. Once we got out it ended up being quite refreshing, especially for the intense hike back up. There we were treated to ice cream, which we all enjoyed like 5 year-olds.

Big kittyWednesday was our last day of class, and it was only a half day at that. At 1pm we had a lunch provided by the school and it was officially the first pizza I’ve had in Israel. It was quite good, and quickly eaten too. I left to run back to the dorms, grab my beach bag and we were off to the beach! It was a lovely day, very windy but it kept it from getting too hot. We swam, we sat, we swam some more, we sun bathed, we talked. After we went to this by-the-beach restaurant and sat and talked some more. We caught a bus back to school, and that night I went to a good-bye party for one of the people not staying for the study tour. All in all, it was just a great day.

In CarmelThursday was my friend’s birthday, so she invited us all to the zoo. Yes, Haifa does indeed have a zoo. We were all expecting it to be pretty small, but we were happy to find that it was large (incidentally in the shape of Israel, not sure if that was intentional) and very satisfactory. We loved fawning over the lions and tigers and bears, as well as the peacocks and roosters and ibex (they look like mountain goats). After, I did some grocery shopping for the week and then had a quiet night.

The path to the beachFriday was an adventure, spent largely with my friend Bekah (and Rachel joined in too). We got up early and hiked down to the beach. Mind you, we are at the top of a mountain and the beach (duh) is at the bottom. So we started through the Carmel, the national park right next to school, and made our way through a dried up stream bed and into the forest, and finally into town. However, we didn’t know where we were, so we walked for a long while, asked for directions a few times, and finally made it to the beach. We started at 7:30am and arrived at 11:30am to meet up with Rachel. It was very tiring, but then we jumped into the water and we felt much better. We left early because the buses were stopping around 4pm (shabbat) and we had had enough sun for the day anyways.

A perfect day at the beachSaturday was quiet with little to do, so I did little. Sunday (today) was similar, quiet, but I had some downtown adventures before everything closed for Yom Kippur. I went to services tonight with some of my friends, but unfortunately we got there late and only made half an hour of them. I couldn’t understand them anyways, so I wasn’t too broken up about it. The cool thing was walking down the middle of the main road on our way there and back. We saw like 4 cars pass. Apparently secular kids ride their bikes on the highways tomorrow, the wrong way and all, just cause they can. No one drives, nothing is open, Israel has gone to synagogue so come back later.

I’m off to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) Tuesday through Thursday, then off to Egypt Thursday night! Classes start October 12th, so I’ll be back before then.



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