TBT: One Day More, in Ica
Originally posted: July 4, 2009
Location: Ica, Peru

Hi All! Just a short update here. I’ve had a very nice and relaxing weekend, including many trips to these amazing fruit shops all over Ica. The fruit salad is like nothing you can find in the US, with a mound of very fresh fruit topped with yogurt and a little cereal. Then I had my 2nd adventure with the post office today, and barring any catastrophes, I think that a bunch of you will be receiving mail around the 19-24th of this month. Sending it sooner would’ve broken my bank, as I ended up sending 21 letters. I am still clean and feeling good. I still don’t know where I’ll be going next, but I’m getting used to just going with the flow and being prepared for anything (I’ve already stocked up on toilet paper and chocolate and crackers and cereal bars, so I’m ready for anything!). Oh and I bought another fleece, so I am doing just fine with warm clothes. Until now, I’d been using the inside of my winter coat as my main jacket, but now I can trade off and maybe wash them sometimes. This afternoon, we (all of the interns here) are going to some soccer game with teachers or something, I’m sort of unclear about what’s going on. Sounds like fun though, and includes snacks. I hope everyone is well and I will update again when I can, hopefully early next week wherever I end up. ¡Ciao! -Kati (pronounced KAh-tee)

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