TBT: Huaytarà
Originally posted: July 9, 2009
Location: Huaytara, Peru

We do in fact have internet, though it is slow and I’m bouncing between two computers cause I’m trying to do so many things at once. We are almost done with our first full week, though it’s been crazy. I’m working at this tiny school called Muchic, and then next week will be 2 different schools, and all over the place. They are all one classroom schools, which is quite interesting to see. The kids are very sweet and lots of fun. Today we went to the river for half the day, climbing over rocks and swimming (the kids, I stayed mostly dry).

We’re staying Huaytarà all together, though Ben just left so it’s a small group now. Things are good overall, though I think I go a cold from one of the kids. I’ll update more later, but I’m trying to figure out if maybe, just maybe I can get the 4 day hike to Machu Picchu to work! More details later, but it looks likely! I know, I can’t believe it either.

More to come later, maybe this weekend (we may or may not go to Ayacucho).

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