TBT: 14 Peruvians, One Van
Originally posted: July 18, 2009
Location: Lima, Peru

I only realized yesterday that I haven’t updated in more than a week, so I’ll do my best to recap what’s been going on. I’m in Lima right now, as of last night, and just relaxing. Two weeks ago in Huaytara I worked in a school called Muchic for 3 days, reactivating computers and working with the kids. Then last week I worked all of Tuesday in Acco (Ah-ho), by myself. I got there and the teacher expected me to teach the kids all about the laptops, so I tried. There wasn’t electricity that day, a common situation, so the batteries only lasted about an hour. There were 13 students, aged 6 to 12. It was tough, but I went through a bunch of the activities and did some fun things with the kids, while trying to teach them how to use their XOs better. Then the lights came on at the end of the school day, so I taught for another hour. This time I had an activity planned and it worked out well. I had the kids copy a few sentences that I wrote on the board, then to write a few of their own, and finally take a picture and put it into that word document. All in all a success.

Wednesday and Thursday were very long days. The Peruvian Ministry of Health decided to change vacation for the schools and move it up 2 weeks, because of the H1N1 flu. There weren’t any cases out where I was, but it was a national decision. So school ended Tuesday, instead of weeks later. To give us something to do and to try to improve the system, we held teacher school in Huaytara Wednesday, Thursday and a little of Friday. We started with the basics, what all the buttons do, how to open and close it, charge it, and then moved on to the activities and how to use each of them. I gave a math lesson at one point, and just helped out with each of the teachers. I also booked my flight for Cusco, leaving this Thursday and coming back Monday the 3rd. I may see if I can go to the jungle the 3rd to the 6th, I hear it’s great and not too hard to get to.

Friday we had a little bit of school, and then moved back to Lima. We’re staying in Miraflores right now, and I must say it’s a bit like Real World: Peru. We’re in a hostel with a bunch of other interns, we’re sleeping in one big room and we cooked dinner together last night. Oh and then we went to see Transformers. It was…different. Not quite what I’d hoped for, and certainly lacking in plot, but exciting enough. Today we’ve been relaxing, not really doing much of anything. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work on our paperwork later to get it out of the way.

Time for some political readings, (I finished Twilight)

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