TBT: Viva La Revolution!
Originally posted: June 11, 2009
Location: Lima, Peru

Yes, I’m safe and just fine. There are protestors here in Lima from the jungle who are protesting Alan Garcia, the president of Peru. They are peaceful and I am definitely in support of them, they are just trying to stop police brutality and protect their natural resources that the government is trying to take away by letting private companies in. For more information, go to the BBC. They’ll do better job of saying what’s going on. They’ve just had some rallies and blocked a few roads, nothing bad. I’ll continue to update you and let you know that really I am fine and safe. But in other news, today we went to a school in the outskirts of Lima and it was really fun (except for having to get up at 6am). We talked with the principal and the teachers, and then got to work with the kids in the classrooms who already have XOs. They were super cute and I worked on my spanish while helping out. I’m getting pretty excited for Huancalevica, though I still have few details about the accomodations or anything else. So far, everything’s going really quite well. The group of interns is so great, the dynamic is just awesome and it’s really too bad we’re being split up now. But we’ll be together at the end of the summer and it’ll be a blast. My only complaint is that in the part of Lima we’re in, there are not many choices for food so I had to pick out ham from my pasta last night. Chicken (and the national food of guinea pig 🙁 ) is big here, so it’s a bit tough but I’m making due with lots of help. Off to dinner! And I swear I’ll stop being lazy and add pictures soon. I got some great ones today. -Kate

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