Originally posted: June 9, 2009
Location: Lima, Peru

¡Buenos dias!

Well a long story short, Sunday night at 11:30pm I got off standby and on to the plane to Peru. I don’t sleep very well on planes so the one hour of sleep that I did get was surprising, but hardly enough. After landing around 5am local time, I located my bag (it had flown on to Peru without me even though they said it didn’t, but luckily I found it anyways) and got a way overpriced taxi to the hotel. I was okay paying for it though cause it was 7am, I was exhausted and they did a good job of getting me to where I needed to be in one piece. The driving here is very…active. The cars drive fast and a bit crazily so walking is definitely safer.

I was off to training at 9am, after a short breakfast with some strong but quite good coffee. Oh and a shower and a change of clothes, to get off the airport smell. At the Escuelab (spanish words for school and lab put together) we were introduced to the OLPC and other education programs in Peru so that we had an overview of what it is like here. Basically, education needs a lot of work in Peru, and that’s what we’re here to help with. Really there are thousands upon thousands of children who need help in school (and their teachers who need help and aid too) but *insert starfish story here* we’re going to help the ones we can in the time we have.

I met most of the other interns who are here and it’s a really awesome group. They all come from different places in the world, figuratively and literally, but I think that we will all get along very well.

In the afternoon (after lunch and some time spent walking around Plaza San Martin where we’re staying), we talked about more specific things, like what our duties would be at the deployment sites and talked a bit about the importance of communication. Most of it has been in spanish and with my one hour of sleep I think I missed a few things, but I’m much better today.

We got out early and hung out in the lobby with our laptops (I tried to update then and it erased my entry) and just relaxed a bit before dinner. For dinner, we all (like 16 of us) went to Miraflores, a different district in Lima. It wasn’t too far, a bit of an interesting taxi drive, but I had people with me whose spanish is much better than mine for now. We got food at this fun restaurant and I got this ridiculous salad that looked like no salad I’ve ever seen before. After, we explored around Miraflores and had a blast.

Day 2 of training is going well so far, much easier to pay attention when you’ve slept, surprisingly. Oh and I found out I’m going to Huancavelica (pronounced uan-ka-vel-EE-ka). More details to come as I find out more.


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