TBT: Last night in Lima
Originally posted: June 13, 2009
Location: Lima, Peru

We finished our training yesterday and it was fine. We got to work with the laptops more in the morning, went to lunch, and then tried to take them apart and put them back together. We did it but it was quite the experience. I didn’t take one apart but I put back together someone else’s, which was informative and man there are lots of little screws! At lunch I had some water that came in a bottle but we suspect that they filled it in the facet and my stomach felt a bit gross after, but nothing too bad. That night we went to Oscar Becerra’s house, the director of educational technologies. We got quite lost on the way there, but once we made it there it was well worth it. He has a really nice house and the food was just great. I particularly enjoyed the finger sandwiches because I could eat them (avocado, egg and tomato) and they were great. It was really fun to just hang out and talk, knowing that we wouldnt see much of each other in the next 6 weeks but not worrying about the unknowns. Then I slept for 10 hours 🙂 Today I got lunch in Miraflores with some other people and did some shopping. I got the first Twilight in spanish and I can’t wait to start reading it! Oh and I found out I’m paired with Ryan for Huancavelica, and we leave tomorrow at noon. Our bus will take about 5-6 hours, we’ll get a hotel, and it ends there. We’ll still be with everyone in our region, Ramierez, Anthony, Ben and Steven, and then we’ll figure things out Monday. I’m not sure how much internet I’ll have, I’m thinking not much, but I’ll update when I can. ¡Hasta luego! -Kate

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