TBT: Hello from…Miami
Originally posted: June 7, 2009
Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Well things haven’t gone quite as planned. On the plus side, I get to use my meal vouchers on Starbucks, but on the down side I’m still stuck.

I got out of Boston late because our pilot overslept and then one of the doors wouldnt close. So we landed an hour and a half late (I gave myself 2 hours for the connection) and then sat on the tar mat for 45 minutes, and though my connection was also a little delayed, I missed it by 20 minutes cause I landed in terminal D and had to take a train to terminal E.

Then I got put on standby for the flight at 11:30pm cause it was booked, and sat in line for a long while at customer servie. At 10:30 I met up with another intern who was booked for the flight and we chatted for a bit. But then the funniest thing happened. A little girl, probably about 5 or 6 years old, came over and asked me about my laptop. I started showing her different applications like puzzles, painting, writing, speak and the camera too. We played for about half an hour while her mom watched and it was just the darnest thing. Other adults have just watched me use it and given me funny looks, while kids come up and ask what I’m doing. It was really cool to see the girl using it, she picked it up very quickly, moving puzzle pieces and asking me for help when necessary. If it had been my normal laptop I wouldn’t have allowed it, but I had no qualms about letting her hold it and play around with it. It’s amazing how kids are already drawn to the laptop.

So I missed the flight last night by 2 people and I’m back on standby again. I slept at the hotel (with a voucher) but didn’t get my room until 3am and was quite crabby by then. But some sleep and a shower definitely helped, though a change of clothes would be nice. I’m 5th on the list again because they overbooked the flight I’m trying to get on, so I’m hoping they’ll offer vouchers to other people to take the flight that night. If I miss the afternoon flight and get the evening one, then I’ll get in to the hotel around 5am, and we meet for training at 8:30am… That would be no fun at all.

i’ll entertain myself by people watching, as I count down the one hour and 24 minutes until the plane starts to board and hope that my luck changes.


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