Originally posted: June 20, 2009
Location: Ica, Peru

Hola! Were in Ica for the weekend and I apologize ahead of time, the keyboard is falling apart and in Spanish. I am good! Sunday we traveled to Huaytara on a sick double decker bus, and we (the group going to Huancavelica with me) got front seats on the top, it was great. We drank coca tea and saw the coast before climbing up some serious elevation (but nothing compared to what was to come). I felt gross Monday but we managed to get ourselves together and out of Huaytara and on to San Francisco of Sanguaco (I know the spelling is wrong), which took a 8 hour pickup truck ride with 9 people and 9 peoples luggage. It was cozy, to say the least. There we dropped off 2 members and Tuesday continued on our cozy ride to Cordoba, another 8 hours. We went all the way down to sea level and then back up to like 10,000 feet. Then Wednesday, we finally got to my pueblo, Laramarca. Its the highest up, the coldest, and I like it the best of all of them. I got sick again so I stayed in bed most of Thursday so I only got to see the school for a little while Friday. The kids are great, theres lots to do and the view is incredible. I just bought an alpaca hat and sweater and am in the market for more socks, but Ill be okay. Thats a basic run-down of this past week, its been kinda crazy and constantly on the move. Luckily we know that all of our next locations (the next 3 schools for my town) are close to Huaytara, so well have some internet and get to see each other more. Oh! And my spanish is improving so quickly. I was super worried while in Lima cause I could feel that it wasnt getting any better and I knew that where we were going, there would be no english beyond Hello, Byebye, and Please. But then Sunday night, my mind made the switch between thinking in english and thinking in spanish, and I started improving in leaps and bounds, much to my relief. Ive been speaking it more, even to myself, and Ive been understanding it better. Im starting to figure out what well be doing with the kids; helping them in class, working with the teachers and working together to integrate the laptops into lessons, and also doing a project with the community to make a lasting difference. Oh and Im working to make a trip to Machu Picchu work, but its not definite right now. Oh and my name is now Kathy (pronounced kat-EE) cause its much easier for the Peruvians to say. Its like having a second identity! -Kate

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