TBT: And the verdict is in…
Originally posted: June 3, 2009
Location: Acton, MA, USA

San Martin, here I come!!

I found out yesterday what my deployment location is (the region of San Martin), and lo and behold I am headed to the jungle! I’ll be spending the first week in Lima, training with the other interns, and then traveling next weekend to the first school, where I will stay for three weeks. I’ll be with 5 guys at my deployment site, and I think we’ll be going to the different schools in pairs. Apparently it will be sort of “cold” in Lima (like a true New Englander, nothing above freezing is really that cold) due to the proximity to the coast and the humidity. But then it will be very warm in the jungle, with high humidity, which will be just “splendid”. After three weeks I will switch schools but will stay in the region, though I may switch hotels. There are many things I still don’t know but I’m finding out more every day. I also found out I can use some American money in Peru, like in Lima and other tourist spots. We will have one week off after the 6 weeks of work and I’m really hoping to travel, maybe make it to Machu Picchu, if possible. Oh and apparently there are these Diamond Caves in San Martin that sound very lovely, and some gardens too, that I will try to visit as my free time and location allows. I’m currently in the impossible stage, where you try to think of all the things you usually forget, remember the things you overlooked while trying to think about the odd things, and stay sane while everything floats around. My method involves many lists (to do, need to shop for, don’t forget, pack, etc.) and the satisfaction that comes from crossing something off the list. I’ll probably post once more before Saturday, and depending on internet availability and exhaustion I may post late Saturday or, more likely, Sunday. Until then, I’ve got lots and lots of packing to do!! -Kate

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